• Erika Dowell

The economy of effs.

Or Fucks. We’re adults, we can say fuck.

If you know me at all, you know that I love spreadsheets, economics, and efficiencies. I am always striving to find the best, quickest, most efficient way of doing something. You won’t find me wasting time on a project for funnsies.

Unless it’s projecting how to invest. I’ll waste time on that for hours.

Recently, I have seen absolutely incredible growth in my business. I’ve quadrupled the number of clients I have in a matter of months, hired a part time employee, preparing to move across the country, all while trying to have some amount of healthy mental health during this unprecedented time.

This weekend, I had many moments of ‘I don’t care, you decide.’ For some, this might seem like a trap… but I’m not that kind of person. I genuinely wanted someone else to decide; as CEO, employee, and every other possible adult decision, I had made too many that day and my brain was over it. It was just exhausted.

Thus, we get to the economy of fucks. It’s not my theory at all and it’s certainly not new. But there’s only so many fucks that I give in a day. Most of them are at work and then of course for the safety and wellbeing for my loved ones. Finally, I have an indefinite amount of fucks for my relationship and will prioritize that over anything.

Most days, I don’t run out of fucks. Sometimes, I just don’t give a fuck.

I don’t like ‘not caring’ or ‘not giving a fuck’ because it usually means I’ve reached a breaking point - Growing up I was taught that ‘I don’t care’ was a bad as ‘fuck’ and I should have an opinion.

I guess in the economy of fucks, it just means your opinions were delegated out to something else.

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