• Erika Dowell

On quitting twitter

Back in September, I deleted all of my tweets. I was going through some pretty bad burn out/post-posting sadness and didn’t want to deal anymore. Some element of it I think was feeling some minor cyber bullying and I wanted out.

Now, it’s been about six months since I deleted everything. I use it still for quick news pieces, but I actually find twitter is slower to populate actual meaningful news than other resources these days.

Part of this process was also culling following and associations. Since mid-2020, I’ve been struggling with different dynamics shifts in relationships, priorities, and that kind of thing. It essentially felt like I had shifted away from some toxic areas and into other areas that brought meaningfulness. Not just screaming into the void.

I understand I have some amount of privilege in not having to speak out on things, but instead of screaming it to 500 followers which half might be bots anyways, I’m having more genuine conversations with my friends, acquaintances, and family. I use my other platforms to share things that are important to me and I have many more conversations over there and more one-on-one.

I challenge you to reflect on how you use those social media accounts for the better.

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