• Erika Dowell

No Meeting Fridays

What started as an ‘I need a break’ moment, quickly morphed into a ‘focus’ day. When you’re growing a business and have multiple clients, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with phone calls, texts, meetings. I needed a day that I could just focus.

Thus began the No Meeting Fridays.

Fridays now look more like working in a coffee shop, on the couch, or simply focused at my desk. It’s not a secret that I work at weird hours (not typically 9-5) but this has greatly improved my work/life schedule.

Firstly, now that I am in more control of my schedule, I am less inclined to work past midnight. There is no revenge of the bedtime anymore. Of course, when working on a fun spreadsheet, I will lose track of time.. but that’s different.

I highly recommend days without meetings, days to focus on projects work tasks, and also allow some flexibility if needed.

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