• Erika Dowell

Moving in a Pandemic

What a wild time to be alive.

In a few short weeks, my partner and I are moving across the country to the other coast. Work is taking him there, which means I get to go along. It’s very exciting, honestly. It will be the first time in nearly a decade that I’ve lived close to family and we already have friends who live there.

In a normal year, we would have been sent on a house-hunting trip to get to know the area (even though my partner grew up there, we haven’t spent much time there at all for a decade), find a home, and generally ‘sight see’. This time around (I say it like I’ve done this more than once), we have ended up going in sight unseen. It’s odd.

We ended up buying a house because the rental market is insane and we’ve heard too many scummy landlord stories to be confident in renting… So we opted for the somehow more confident route of buying a house that I have only seen in video walkthroughs and photos. Partner has only seen it through photos. The other day, I was making iced coffee and as I got ice cubes from the tray, I asked out loud if we would have an ice cube maker at our new house.

What. How could I not know if we have an ice cube maker or not? Also, yes. First-world problems.

But then I started realizing that I don’t know what the roads are like, I don’t know what the neighbourhood is like and I’ve put a lot, and hopefully not too much, faith into our realtor. Thankfully, Dad-il and Bro-il (il = in law) both drove by and scoped things out and didn’t give us any reason to bail on the sale.

Many friends have asked me if I’ve been to Halifax before. I have, twice. Once when I was ten-ish and once shortly after I got engaged to M.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to move back to the coast and be near the ocean again. Moves are always such a refreshing chapter change. It’s weird to think about how I moved to Victoria in 2012 for university and somehow convinced myself that I should stay and now I’ll never be back in the same area as my family again.

Time is weird. Life trajectory is weird.

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