• Erika Dowell


The best idea that M and I have had for splitting the chore of cooking is taking a week ‘on’ and a week ‘off’. If it’s my week to cook, that means that M cleans up and vice versa. It has really helped with managing a meal plan as well as cutting down on dining out.

Fundamentally, we are two people who are foodies and enjoy trying new food and new places. I think during the last 2 years we have really honed in on our skills for cooking - M is good at cooking unique non-north American dishes. I’m really good at French fries, pub food, and all my favorite foods (Poke, Sushi, etc).

It’s always so funny to me the difference in our grocery runs. I typically have the more expensive runs - sometimes because of the above-mentioned favorite foods - tuna isn’t exactly the least expensive option but when it goes on sale I stock up. Sometimes I feel that it’s because I was essentially raised to have protein (read: meat) every meal. M not so much.

Anyway, one day I hope to be at his level of $80 per grocery run versus my $120, but alas, we’re not there yet. Also, I hate cooking throughout the day, so I get things that are easy to throw together and he makes a pot of soup that lasts a week.

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