• Erika Dowell

Another winter storm

It’s Monday morning around 9am on Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting here drinking the espresso that I made from the epic $70 find from Facebook marketplace. Normally, you wouldn’t find me being appliances second-hand, but this was an incredible deal and honestly, it worked out.

This is now our 7th winter storm since we got home from Christmas on December 28th. I’m still learning about the east coast lifestyle; storms, people, culture.

But let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a city fully shutting down every single week.

I admit there’s something soothing about living in a snow globe every week - making tea in the afternoon, watching the snow fall as if life isn’t chaotic. It’s like a romantic movie. But also that scene in Brooklyn 99 where Gina is listening to music with her headphones on while there’s a kerffule behind her. That’s how most days feel these days. But, I also sigh because I feel trapped inside; between snow, rain, freezing rain, and the unprecedented situation.

The day has gone on, we have about a foot of snowman snow and absolutely zero desire to shovel it. Afterall, it's not like we have anywhere to go before the rain washes it away in three days.

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